Please find below a guide to the law regarding weights and dimensions for towing a Trailer.


The most important thing when towing a trailer is the weight you should ensure your load doesn't exceed the carrying capacity of the trailer. This could result in the trailer being damaged / collapsing from to higher load and you could also face a fine for being overweight.
The law regarding weight of a trailer on a public highway are simple. These points are listed below. 
You can not tow a trailer with a gross weight over 750 kg without brakes.
You can not tow a trailer with a gross over 3500kg with brakes.
The gross train weight also can not be more than the gross train weight marked on the towing vehicle.
The trailer must have the gross weight marked on it. 
The above means consideration must be taken when loading the trailer. You will have to know the maximum weight of your load and ensure this does not exceed the trailers Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
The GVW of a trailer is decided by the weakest component. For example you may have an axle that can carry 1300kg, however if the coupling if only rated at 900kg then this would be the Gross Weight.
The law does not go into much detail about dimensions and does allow some very large trailers, but find some details listed below.
If the towing vehicle has a gross weight of or below 3.5 Tonnes
The maximum length can be 7m excluding Coupling and drawbar.
Maximum width of the trailer to be 2.55m (changed 2010).
If the gross weight of the towing vehicle exceeds 3.5 tonne
The maximum length of the trailer can be 12m excluding coupling and drawbar.
Maximum width of the trailer is to be 2.55m.
Max length of towing vehicle and trailer is to be 18m.
Overhang of loads
You can load the trailer with overhang within the law, but the below guidelines must be followed.
Up to 1m rear over hang is acceptable but we recommend that it is clearly marked.
Anywhere between 1m - 2m rear overhang MUST be clearly marked.
From 2m - 3.05m a marker board must define the end of the load and it must be illuminated at night.
Your load must not project more than 305mm either side of your trailer and not give an overall width of over 2.9m
If you need to exceed any of these overhangs you can but it is classed as an abnormal load and you will need to inform the police prior to the journey.
Maximum height

There is no maximum height for a trailer stated by the law, but to keep the trailer safe and stable we recommended not to exceed 3m high or 1.7 times the track of the trailer.


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